A Reflection on Service

By: Raynor Cao SiYuan

A Reflection on Service

(Author pictured on the far right, January 2017 New Volunteer OrientationRayno)

After few weeks of volunteering for LBFE, I think volunteering is a meaningful activity. I never did any volunteering activity before. So LBFE gives me a lot of interesting experiences and meaningful advices. My service job is to help the elders solve the technological problems at the Symphony Plaza East City Site.

During the volunteering working time, we will help these elders to solve the modern technological devices, such as teach them how to use phones, iPads, and computers, fix them or any other technological problems. In addition, most of the elders are Chinese. We also provide the English teaching service. Sometimes, some of elders want to learn English or have the English problems. We also can help them to solve them, and we also can improve the English ability at the same times.

When I am helping these elders, I learn a lot from it. I have learnt how to organize my emotion and how to be patient because when I explain how I solve the technological problem, the elders cannot understand intermediate and hear me clearly. So I need to say it and explain it slowly to make elders to understand it.

All in all, the Little Brother has a long history, and its aim is providing the care to the elder all over the world. I think I fit this mission a lot, because I always regard the elder as my own grandparents. I am pleasure to serve for the elders. It can prove our price when we are doing the service.


About the author:

Raynor Cao SiYuan is a student at Northeastern University (Class of 2020). Originally from China, he is majoring in Computer Science.

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