A reflection on service: LBFE's impact from the view of a friend

By: Priscilla, TGH student
A reflection on service: Little Brother’s impact from the view of an elderly friend    

A reflection on service: LBFE’s impact from the view of a friend

I am a senior citizen from Roslindale. I also visit the Roslindale Community Center. This is the place where I met these wonderful ladies Jasmin and Imke as I was interested in getting in touch with the new technology of computers. They are volunteers teaching senior citizens how to use modern technology with lots of patience, grace and a lot of understanding considering our limitations as senior citizens. So far we have had four classes consisting of two hours each on Fridays.

We began with creating a Gmail account and sending our first email. The second class  was about using Google maps to get around either by: walking, driving, bus and train and even riding a bicycle. In our third class we created, shared and translated our first Google document. Our fourth class was more complicated dealing with setting up a calendar. It was a lot of fun however. The time goes by very fast when we have our classes.

We also get homework to practice what we have learned. This is great because we do not have a teacher at home to solve a situation, but we can use logic or read through the notes we had taken.

There are no words to describe the love they show doing this volunteer work with us senior citizens.

May The Lord or whatever God they believe in to always share the graces and love they are always sharing with us.


About the author:

Priscilla is a participant of the Tech Goes Home class. Tech Goes Home (TGH), founded in 2000, is an initiative helping to provide under-served residents the opportunity, tools, education, and access required for 21st century skills development.

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