A Reflection on Service

By: Juliette Cosson

Friendship & Flowers

On Saturday 9/9, I went to Zelma Lacey House with a group of students from Boston University Law School, and we delivered flowers to all the elders around the facility. Our group was great. There were 11 students from BU, and we had 61 bouquets of flowers to deliver. After offering flowers and chatting with the people in the living spaces like the dining room, the nurses took us around the facility. We went upstairs, and we knocked at every door to meet all the other elders. All of them were so happy to have some company, even thought it was for only 5 minutes.

Theresa (in blue on the picture), an elder that was so excited about us being there, followed us the whole time. She came in the rooms with us, introducing everyone and making jokes all the time.

At the end, we only had a couple bouquets left, and we gave them to the nurses to thank them for their help! We promised Theresa to come back and visit her room next time, it was such a success!!

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