My Year of Service

By: Jasmin Higo

My Year with Little Brother’s- Friends of the Elderly

After one year it is time to say goodbye.

I had the most AMAZING year in Boston and met friends, younger and older, who became my family. I still can’t believe I travelled so much this year. I did everything from spending New Year’s Eve at Times Square, visiting the White House (while Obama was still President), to seeing alligators in Florida to seeing the Niagara Falls in Canada, and walking from Canada to the USA, crossing the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and biking on Venice Beach in Los Angeles– and of course, seeing one of the seven world wonders in Mexico. I feel blessed that I had so many opportunities to meet amazing people from all over the world, and that I had a job that never felt like a job to me.

About my service

I never thought that I would get so attached to it. Now back in Germany I still think of our CitySite at 70 St Botolph that happens every Thursday, and and my friend Gawaine still keeps me up-to-date on Facebook about the new card games he learns. I met people who were not just some elders I met once a week. No. They became part of my life in Boston, and I am grateful that technology allows us to stay in touch via email, and of course Facebook as my TGH squad knows 🙂 I want to thank Little Brother’s – Friends of the Elderly for giving me this amazing opportunity, and I am very grateful for this unforgettable life experience. Maybe I’ll be back one day.

The picture to the right shows me jumping from Canada to the USA – just as I am going to jump into my next adventure!



Jasmin Higo served a year with LBFE Boston as a Volunteer Program Assistant through a partnership with World Horizon. She is missed by all who had the opportunity to get to know her this year.


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