One Wednesday in the Fenway

By: Airlie Parham

One Wednesday in the Fenway

Just last week, LBFE hosted 8 City Sites over 5 days involving 31 volunteers and 62 elders. (Wow!) The very first day for a new site is always unpredictable because we never know exactly how many elders will join us. Last Wednesday in the Fenway was no different, and the site ended with a magical feeling.

The first arrivals to the TechCafe!

Four volunteers from Northeastern University joined LBFE’s Volunteer Program Assistants, Juliette and Simon, at the Peterborough Senior Center for the very first TechCafe. They were there to answer elders’ questions about their flip phones, smart phones, mobile devices– and everything in between! For the first 30 minutes, there were way more “youngers” than elders, but that did not last long. One hour later, Tracey Hunt, the Community Coordinator, had to interrupt everyone’s conversations to announce the end of the activity for the day.

We nearly ran out of space!

From the student to the senior, everybody in the room was having an experience. Making connections across generations, cultures, and interests. Technology brought everyone together, but it was the people in the room that made it worth staying for. Everybody needs a place, a person, and or simply that special thing to look forward to because connections are what make us feel human and part of a community. It can be hard to say goodbye after connecting with someone, but knowing that everyone would gather again in just seven days made it easier to say “see you later.”  Today marks the second gathering of our TechCafe at the Peterborough Senior Center in the Fenway. Everybody should be making their way to the Fenway now. If you want to know and see more, please stay tuned to our Facebook for pictures each week!

Volunteers and Oleg


One hour later, we had to interrupt everyone’s conversations to announce the end of the activity.

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