Welcome our newest Volunteer Program Assistant, Simon!

Welcome to our newest Volunteer Program Assistant, Simon!


My name is Simon Drop, I am 22 years old and lived together with my parents and my grandma in Beelen. I have two older sisters. I am on good terms with them. My village have 6,000 inhabitants and is 100 miles from Colonge away.

I studied economics at the Dual University of Mosbach in cooperation with Brillux GmbH & Co. KG. The Brillux Company, with more than 2,600 employees, is a producer of paint and lacquer in Germany. In my dual studies, I always studied for three months in Mosbach and after that I go to work for three months at the headquarters of Brillux in Münster. If you want to travel from Mosbach to Münster you have to cover a distance of more than 250 miles. That is the reason why I changed my living area every three months. When I studied in Mosbach, I live in a shared apartment with two fellow students.

I am decided to do a volunteer service with Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly because of my sister, Luisa. She did her volunteer service in 2015 through Little Brothers – Friends of the Elderly at the Chicago chapter. During my vacation, I got the chance to visit my sister in Chicago for a week and she inspired me. Furthermore for me, it is important that seniors have an active social life. That the reason why I visited my grandma and have a conversation with her everyday after work. I hope in my time I am support Little Brothers in Boston, I make friendships and play a lot of board games with seniors. Why? –  I love board games so much!

During my stay here in Boston would like to learn something about the American culture and I am sure that the seniors can help me. The biggest question for my service is: Will the seniors and the stuffs of Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly accept me. Currently I feel very well to be a part of Little Brothers in Boston.

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