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By: Airlie Parham

What’s New & What’s Happening

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Volunteers for Friendship & Flowers, April 2017

Volunteers for Friendship & Flowers, April 2017

Want to deliver flowers and say hello? Join us for Friendship & Flowers on the second Saturday of each month! Register online by Monday May 8th to volunteer this month!

It’s almost party time! Want to cook, clean, drive, photograph, or socialize at a picnic this summer? Volunteers are needed for all of the above on Saturday June 24th and July 29th! Mark your calendars, and register online!


Age is just a number... False: Age is a wordDonate or create birthday cards. It’s only May, and we have nearly used our birthday card supply for the year! Funny, friendly, fancy, or pretty cards welcome! Can you donate secular birthday cards for us to share and send to our friends? Send Airlie a note if you can donate!

Volunteer for our fundraising event committee. The commitment is from now until after our fundraiser in September. We’re looking for someone who can coordinate with restaurants, community partners for donations, vendors, press and corporate sponsors. Please email our Assistant Director, Rene Morrissette, for more information.

With Thanks

Pulse 2016-2017

(L-R) Joe, Imke, Jill, Lindsay, Jasmin, Elizabeth, Elaine, Laura, and Katherine

This month marks the end of service for our Pulse volunteers from Boston College. Since October 2016, they led 43 activities in two senior residences in Brighton and supported three sites led by our Program Assistants dedicating over 800 hours.

Our Volunteer and Community Partner Party was a blast. Thank you to all who celebrated with us last month, and an even bigger thank you to those who served with us this past year. Miss the party? Check out this slideshow of memories from the past year

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